Are you currently in bankruptcy or have been discharged from your bankruptcy? ­We are bankruptcy loan experts and provide home mortgage options that can help you obtain a home mortgage during or post bankruptcy.

We help homeowners who have had a bankruptcy or other credit challenge get a home mortgage to find payment relief, restore their credit, and achieve financial security.

Our 10 years of industry knowledge as a specialized bankruptcy loan expert will get you the best possible home mortgage on the market. We can help you refinance in bankruptcy to consolidate all your debt, pay off your trustee, and get you out of bankruptcy.

If you are recently discharged from a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can help you improve your credit and get you approved and ready for buying a home after bankruptcy.

We offer FHA and Fannie Mae programs for anyone that has been discharged for over 3 years.

* No obligation

* 24-Hour Approval

* Purchase and Refinance Loans

*5yr, 30yr, & 40yr loans