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Looking for a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

Is Your Bankruptcy Discharged? We Can Help

Yes you can get a mortgage loan after your bankruptcy has been discharged! If you have already paid off your previous Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, congratulations. However, many banks still view you as credit risk. At Bankruptcyloanexperts, we have aligned ourselves with the most progressive lenders to get you the best mortgage after bankruptcy with the best rates and terms you deserve.

If you want to buy a home after bankruptcy, Bankruptcyloanexperts can help you improve your credit and help you get approved for the best loan on the market. Or if you already own a home and want to consolidate your high interest debt, a refinance after bankruptcy loan can provide lower payments and improve your financial standing.

Program Guidelines

Discharged Chapter 13 BK - To qualify, you need to have 12 months of on time payments since you have been out of Ch 13 (mortgage and or other credit).

Discharged Chapter 7 - To qualify, you need no credit lates for 2 years.


Low Credit Scores?

We rebuild Credit in 3 Days with CREDIT BUILDER

Obtaining a good Credit score can be one of the most challenging issues towards getting a mortgage loan after a bankruptcy. At Bankruptcyloanexperts, we designed the Free Credit Builder Program to help you get the score you need as quickly as possible.

Start improving your credit today.

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