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Payoff Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Now!

Are you looking for a chapter 13 mortgage lender that specializes in helping people get out of bankruptcy?

For over 10 years, Bankruptcy Loan Experts has been providing refinance in bankruptcy loans for people dealing with bankruptcy. If you are currently in Chapter 13, - we work with your attorney and the bankruptcy court to get you a chapter 13 refinance mortgage that will consolidate your debt and mortgage payments into one low monthly payment. In many instances, the cost reduction/savings is SUBSTANTIAL in reducing your monthly cash outflow. You will then be discharged, free from bankruptcy, and on your way to a fresh start on rebuilding your credit.

* Get out of Bankruptcy
* Refinance your home and payoff the Trustee
* Save money each month
* Start rebuilding your credit


A homeowner currently in Chapter 13 bankruptcy can use the equity in their home and obtain a chapter 13 refinance, payoff the Chapter 13 payment plan, and receive a discharge.

Most home owners are under the misguided notion that once you have filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case, there is nothing else you can do regarding getting a lower interest rate on your existing mortgage or getting out of the Chapter 13 case early. Don't be fooled by this misguided notion. After you have been in a Chapter 13 case for at least six (6) consecutive months and have made your plan payments to the Trustee on time, you may be eligible to refinance your mortgage and or get yourself completely out of bankruptcy. We will work with you and your attorney to obtain court approval.

Once your Chapter 13 refinance is funded, you will be completely discharged (free) from bankruptcy and can begin updating your credit and start rebuilding your scores. We will assist you in obtaining the discharge papers from the court and educate you on how to begin the credit cleansing process and obtain new credit with bankruptcy friendly creditors.


Low Credit Scores?

We rebuild Credit in 3 Days with CREDIT BUILDER

Obtaining a good Credit score can be one of the most challenging issues towards getting a mortgage loan after a bankruptcy. At Bankruptcyloanexperts, we designed the Free Credit Builder Program to help you get the score you need as quickly as possible.

Start improving your credit today. Apply online

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